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Welcome to FyCUS. We provide a place for creative & professionals people to design & exchange E cards to share their insights and build collaborative relationships with their customers.
It’s a start, We bring to you a way in which we can reduce the use of paper on a major scale through means of digitizing the use of paper. HOW SO? Well let’s face it. Professionalizing the work place is well and good in terms of efficiency but doing no good to the environment.  Before we go on about the mobile application though, let us help you paint a picture of a future without it.

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So what exactly do we get from FYCUS? Let’s keep it short and simple, shall we? it is capable of replacing anything that is involved at work which makes use of paper. Wow, that’s quite the catch, eh?
Ranging from business cards to resumes, documentation processing, making & sending out fliers, invitations, curriculums: you name it. If this isn’t a cry out for humanity, I don’t know what is!

Business Card Design

Like I mentioned, the first goal is definitely in helping the environment. We are only fooling ourselves when we ignore the potential threats we are causing the environment, killing it on a daily basis, little by little, adding up to a huge effect on the environment LIKE CLIMATE CHANGE, obviously in a negative way. WE MUST CHANGE THAT. Needless to say, you’re going green. What more of an advantage do you want? Save trees! Plus, you needn’t go through the fear of having to plant them (afforestation) because essentially you’re doing your part by saving them! Not only is this a major cry out for mankind, but also saving other species that share the Earth with us. We are effectively saving them from rendering homeless in a few decade’s time.


Clicking is all the work that needs to be done. That’s right, you don’t have to go about storing places for these cards, nothing. All the space, we provide. All you need do is socialize, send out your cards/resumes on a regular basis to keep it lively.Further, who’s to say that tech savvy people are not essentially leading eco friendly lives? I for one can vouch for that, with all the apps I have on my phone. Yes, I’d say I’m helping the environment. Keep everyone connected by just the click of a button: that’s right, everyone. We ensure that the data you see on these cards are not just words that may be inaccurate, but completely updated with the help of our very dedicated servers



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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